What is the Full Form of WWW ?

What is the Full Form of WWW – The full form of a WWW is World Wide Web. It is the most common name for the Internet as a whole. It is also an information system that can be accessed through any computer connected to it, anywhere in the world.

The History of the World Wide Web and When It Was Invented

Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist and inventor, is the person credited with inventing the World Wide Web. In March 1989 he proposed the idea of an information management system that would allow people to share information easily. He believed that a global hypertext system could be linked together by using some form of code to link documents on different computers.

The Web was originally conceived as a space for academics to share research papers and other scholarly works with one another. It was designed to be used by people who were not computer experts and it was expected that they would need help in using it. For this reason, Berners-Lee created HTML, which is still the standard language used for web pages today. The first web browser was invented in 1990 by two students at Stanford University in California.

WWW Meaning and Shortcuts You Should Know

The World Wide Web is an information system that connects billions of devices, like personal computers and smartphones, to one another.

WWW stands for World Wide Web.

The ‘www’ is often used as a shortcut for the whole domain name of a website. For example, www.google.com is the website for Google Inc., while www.facebook.com is the website for Facebook Inc.

What Are the 5 Most Popular Answers to WWW Search Queries?

The top five most popular answers to WWW search queries are:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Wikipedia
  4. Google
  5. Yahoo

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